The communications center for the Madison County Sheriff's Office dispatches for the Sheriff's Office, Flora Police Department, Gluckstadt Fire Department, Farmhaven Fire Department, Kearney Park Fire Department, Flora Fire Department, Southwest Madison Fire Department, and Camden Fire Department.

When one calls the Sheriff's Office, one's first contact will most likely be with our dispatchers. Like our deputies, our dispatchers also undergo training for the stressful and often hectic task they perform every day. When the phone rings, it is not known whether it will be for a cat in a tree or for a hostage being held at gunpoint. Dispatchers are prepared through their training to stay calm and get the most information possible from sometimes hysterical people so the information can be relayed to deputies and/or rescue personnel in route to aid.

All dispatchers are certified to meet the minimum standards set by the State of Mississippi for communications officers. The communications center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enhanced 911 is available to all locations in Madison County. This allows the dispatcher to know the caller's location and phone number as soon as the caller dials 911.