Community Relations

Members of the Madison County Sheriff's Office have always worked with community leaders and the community as a whole to make the Sheriff's Office work for the citizens of Madison County. Through a host of programs, deputies work with our citizens to try to make our community a safer, more enjoyable place to live and to raise our families. The Madison County Sheriff's Office offers such programs as Neighborhood Watch, Personal Safety, and Senior Safety. These programs teach our citizens how to better protect themselves, and what to do if they are a victim of crime. Our Drug Education Program hits the Madison County classrooms each fall trying desperately to show our young people the consequences of using illegal drugs. In addition, hundreds of Madison County students tour the Jail each year to see firsthand where one ends up should he or she choose to turn to a life of criminal activity.

  • Madison County Community Advisory Group
  • Explorer’s Program
  • CrimeStoppers
  • Active Shooter Training for Teachers
  • Neighborhood Watch