The Madison County Sheriff's Department maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE stance on drug related crimes. The Narcotics Task Force has grown from one part-time deputy to eight deputies, including one canine officer.  One agent is assigned to the Drug Enforcement task force, giving the Sheriff’s Department access to many more resources. Together this unit works as a team to conduct narcotics investigations as well as spontaneous sweep-type efforts to interdict the flow of life-destroying illegal drugs in Madison County. This unit has the full support of the Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Reserve Deputies whenever a show of force is needed in an operation to insure officer and citizen safety.

The Narcotics Task Force's primary objective is to remove illegal drugs from Madison County and to arrest and prosecute the individuals responsible for their being here. To this end, our investigators act on intelligence data received from other agencies to initiate and assist in ongoing investigations. However, one of our most effective weapons is the information received from concerned citizens who observe and report illegal activities in their areas. Over time our unit has accumulated an arsenal of surveillance equipment to enable a successful prosecution at the conclusion on an investigation. The majority of this equipment was purchased through funds generated by the sale of property seized from drug dealers.