This department is responsible for the safekeeping of all incident reports and arrest records. All incident reports are entered into a computer record by this department. Also all hard copies of reports and arrests are filed by this department. This department also maintains registrations of parolees and sex offenders as required by state law.

This department also handles the following:

  • Requests for copies of incident reports.
  • Requests for criminal histories.
  • Housing and Urban Development background checks.
  • Firearms background checks*.
  • Alcohol privilege license background checks.
  • Child care background checks.
  • Military background checks.

*A background check is required by state law on persons seeking a concealed carry permit. Applicants for concealed carry permits must apply to the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol Firearms Section. The Highway Patrol will forward a copy of the application to the local Sheriff's Office which will conduct a local background check and return the results to the Highway Patrol.